XII UNESCO Creative Cities Network Annual Meeting “Creative Crossroads”

Katowice – UNESCO City of Music, was the co-organisers of the 12th Annual Meeting of the UNESCO Creative Cities. Alongside Krakow, it hosted over 350 delegates from 160 cities in 64 countries, representatives of seven creative industries: film, music, literature, media arts, design, food, crafts and folk arts.

The role of a city of music is a moral obligation – Katowice City of Gardens made sure that the delegates were surrounded only by good music. The event was opened with a performance by Miuosh with his latest project “Miuosh vs Milosz”, and during breaks every day, the bands from Katowice selected from the “Dzielnica Brzmi Dobrze” project (Zoska, Cisnienie, Hengelo, Nottoeasy, among others) also had their performances.

In the evenings, the guests participated in grand music events: ElectroKilar concert, the Sound Gardens festival, featuring such artists as Elida Almeida and Electric Fields.

Apart from the music available for the pleasure of the delegates, they could also attend various music workshops, run by artists associated with Katowice City of Gardens.

During the Annual Meeting, Katowice presented their music side – one could see (or, rather, hear) it truly is one of its strong assets!