New Album by Miuosh

The tenth studio album by the Katowice based rapper will be released on 16 March!


On 16 March a new record by Miuosh – called POP – will be released for sale.

This album, uncannily varied and full of non-standard solutions, breaks more mental stereotypes about rap music.


The new album by Miuosh – POP – is an uncannily varied in terms of music. It features contribution from Katarzyna Nosowska, Organek, Piotr Rogucki, Bajm and more.

In the realm of lyrics the record is very consistent – all tracks form one intriguing story, gripping the listener from track one. The games with the convention and the experiments start on the level of music. Cooperation with musicians from varying artistic fields made it possible to develop an album where divergent genres and styles intertwine. Miuosh is accompanied here by artists until now not associated with rap – Katarzyna Nosowska, Tomek Organek, Piotr Rogucki and SOXSO – who he met during the auditions for The Hood Sounds Good programme. Dzielnica Brzmi Dobrze.


The last two years for me were a time of unusual artistic collaborations. Oftentimes I happened to cooperate with musicians coming from totally different worlds... All these meetings had an influence on the record, which, one can safely say, is not a standard rap CD. It is a very eclectic project – together with the guests invited we play games with the convention and experiment with a variety of sounds. Thanks to these encounters the work on “POP” was one of the most fascinating experiences in my career.

Miuosh Miuosh

The album comprises 11 tracks. The sound side of it, apart form Miuosh and the musicians of FDG Orchestra, was influenced by Michał Fox Król, Smolik, Myslovitz, Maciej Sawoch and Fleczer. The album will also feature results of collaboration with Bajm, Katarzyna Nosowska, Myslovitz and Kasia Gołomska, Piotr Rogucki, SOXSO and Tomek Organek. All lyrics were written by Miuosh, while the cover design was created by Forin.


The album may be ordered at and The pre-order version will with time expand its content. It will feature a poster signed by Miuosh and a limited Pop.ticket – a ticket enabling the owner to log onto a special website, where fans who have pre-ordered the album will have the access to unpublished videos, remixes and in time new tracks, videos, reportages and special activities.

The CD will be availible in Empik shops from 16 March.