Why Cooperate With Us

The UNESCO section was created in the institution of culture – Katowice City of Gardens on 1 February 2016. Its establishment followed the election of Katowice to the UNESCO Creative Cities Network.

The team executing the programme of the City of Music supports the intensity and variety of musical life in Katowice. We strive to promote activity of the musical community through the creation of new opportunities for growth and offering diversified programmes and projects answering the needs of many groups of recipients.

The team undertakes cooperation with entities both from Poland and abroad. Thanks to its many partnerships Katowice is becoming a better recognised and well-received musical centre in the world.

Ongoing projects:

Team of Katowice City of Music

Photo - Piotr Zaczkowski
Piotr Zaczkowski

Born in 1959, graduate of Silesian University (Culture studies), lecturer in journalism and culture science. Author of books, editor of artistic publishings, theatrical reviewer. Since 2011 director of ESK Katowice 2016 office, which was further converted to Katowice the City of Gardens Cultural Institution - organiser of Ars Independent International Film Festival, Katowice Street Art Festival and Katowice JazzArt Festival among others. Since merging Katowice Culture Centre and Katowice the City of Gardens Cultural Institution in 2016, he’s been the head of Katowice the City of Gardens – Krystyna Bochenek Cultural Institution. He co-operated with many regional cultural institutions. He was a literary director at Teatr Rozrywki in Chorzów and Teatr Dzieci Zagłębia in Będzin. He acted as an assistant director for artistic issues in Teatr Śląski. Spokesman at the Education Office in Katowice and Ars Cameralis Cultural Institution. Professionally related to numerous newspapers and radio stations. He wrote for literary-artistic, social-artistic and theatrical periodicals such as: „Teatr”, „Opcje”, „Studio”, „Integracje”. He published several collections of works: „Wiersze” (1983), „Wiersze” (1990), „Pisane liliputem” (1993). Author of „Szkoła złudzeń” (2014).

Photo - Tamara Kamińska
Tamara Kamińska
Deputy director

Born in 1986, she graduated from the University of Silesia in Katowice where she obtained a master’s degree in philosophy and a title of manager of culture at the post-graduate studies at the University of Economics in Katowice. Since 2012, she has been working at Katowice City of Gardens – Krystyna Bochenek Cultural Institution, where starting from this, year she has been the deputy director responsible for institution’s content-related agenda and cooperation with domestic and foreign partners (such as Kraków, Lublin, Sopot and Wrocław in Poland and Adelaide, Mannheim, Kingston, Hannover, Seville and Saint Etienne abroad). Author of an innovative support programme for non-governmental organisations which opened new possibilities for cooperation between the public and private sectors. In 2015, she appointed a team which under her leadership submitted an application to the UNESCO Creative Cities network, resulting in the inclusion of Katowice in the network in the field of music in December 2015. Currently, she is also responsible for implementing and executing the entire programme of „Katowice – City of Music”, the foundations of which were included in the application. Together with Sound Diplomacy in the years 2015–2016, she worked on the report „Development policy of the music sector in Katowice. How to build an active, balanced and successful music industry” for Katowice which was published in June this year.

Photo - Łukasz Kałębasiak
Łukasz Kałębasiak

Graduate of Silesian University (the Faculty of Humanities, Department of Political Sciences, degree in journalism). He’s been co-operating with Gazeta Wyborcza since 1999, head of its Culture Section between 2006 and 2011. The author of hundreds of reviews and editorials dedicated to visual arts, music and theatre. His texts have appeared in several books and monographs. The reviewer of Katowice Polish Radio between 2008 and 2015. Head of Communication Office at Katowice the City of Gardens.

Photo - Martyna Markowska
Martyna Markowska
Head of Programme Department

Head of Programme Department at Katowice the City of Gardens since 2013. Graduate of Interdepartmental Individual Studies in the Humanities at Silesian University (degree in philosophy and culture studies). PhD student at Helsinki University (Department of Comparative Literature). Conducted study visits to Zurich University, MoMa, International Center of Photography, New York and Getty Museum, Los Angeles. Between 2007 and 2009 she worked as a native speaker in Dushanbe, Tajikistan, seconded by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. She has experience in organising numerous artistic events, such as Rawa Blues Festival, Festival Tauron Nowa Muzyka, Ars Cameralis or Helsinki Design Week. At Katowice the City of Gardens she’s in charge of both programme and organisation of Katowice JazzArt Festival and The Gardens of Sounds – World Music Festival among others.

Photo - Dagmara Szastak-Zięba
Dagmara Szastak-Zięba

Graduate of Culture studies, media researcher with a degree in journalism. She also graduated in environment protection at Silesian University. Used to work for „Wiadomości Zagłębia”, „Gazeta Wyborcza”, „MOKinfo” and other newspapapers. She’s the author of scientific articles about media management and co-author of an academic manual „Zarządzanie redakcją prasową” [Management of editorial department]. Has been working at Katowice the City of Gardens since 2013. In UNESCO section she’s responsible for educational projects. She also coordinates such projects as Dzielnica Brzmi Dobrze and Ambasada Młodych. Coordinator of events organised within the framework of Katowice UNESCO City of Music programme. In charge of organisation of national and international artistic residences and visits.

Photo - Katarzyna Łuczyńska
Katarzyna Łuczyńska

Graduate of Silesian University (Faculty of Polish Studies) and Grzegorz Gerwazy Gorczycki Music School (1st level) in Ruda Śląska. Has been working in Sfera TV for 9 years, first as a journalist, then as a presenter. She started to work at the Promotion Office of Katowice the City of Gardens in 2012. After winning the title of Katowice - UNESCO Creative City of Music, she continues her work in the UNESCO section.

Photo - Jan Oslislo
Jan Oslislo

Gradute of Silesian University (Culture studies) and post-graduate of Jagiellonian University (Post-Editing course at the Polish Studies Faculty). Used to work for Silesia Film Institution and Ars Cameralis Cultural Institution, where he was engaged in organisation of various festivals, national and international projects. Since 2005 he’s been working at Radio eM, hosting Poranny Kwadrans z Klasyką, Barwy Klasyki Nocą and Klasyka Gatunku among others. Since 2016 he’s the host of Niezbędnik Kulturalny dedicated to literature, music, theatre and art. Member of the team responsible for „Katowice – European Capital of Culture 2016” first, then started co-operating with Katowice the City of Gardens, where he coordinates music festivals and projects.

Photo - Natalia Zapała
Natalia Zapała

Graduate of Silesian University (MA in Political Science as well as Journalism and Social Communication) and post-graduate of Economic University in Katowice (Public relations – Modern communications in practice course). Social activisit with long-term experience gained from the projects Akademia Przyszłości and Szlachetna Paczka, where she coordinated promotion strategy in the Silesian region. In Katowice the City of Gardens and UNESCO section she’s responsible for public relation activities.

Photo - Wojciech Mirek
Wojciech Mirek

Event manager, specialist in the field of music in UNESCO section, soon he will graduate from Katowice University of Economics, Journalism Department. He co-organised the following music events: Szlak Śląskiego Bluesa, Męskie Granie, GoodFest Dębica, 35th Birthday of Dżem, Beer Fest, Miuosh XV.

Photo - Michał Paduch
Michał Paduch

Graduate of Karol Szymanowski Academy of Music in Katowice ( Composition and Theory of Music. Composer and producer, sound engineer. In Katowice the City of Gardens and UNESCO section he’s responsible for recording studio, live sound mixing.

Photo - Marlena Hermanowicz
Marlena Hermanowicz

Producer, culture manager, local community animator, directress and dramatist. Gradutate of Silesian University in Katowice, PWST National Academy of Theatre Arts in Krakow (Wrocław branch) and University of Economics in Wrocław. In the course of her professional activity she's realised one hundred artistic, social and educational projects, targeting regional, nationwide and international audience. Between 2009 and 2016 she was an artistic and programme director of Teatr Bezpański. In Katowice the City of Gardens - UNESCO section she's responsible for cultural animation and co-operation.

Photo - Karolina Widera
Karolina Widera

Graduate of Karol Szymanowski Music Academy in Katowice. Since 2010 a teacher at the Vocal-Instrumental Department of her Alma mater. Worked in Inchmore Gallery, Scotland. She has 4-year experience as a specialist in the field of promotion and publicity. She’s responsible for organisation of workshops, concerts, spectacles and other artistic events. Since October 2015 she’s been coordinator of cultural projects in Katowice the City of Gardens.

Photo - Aleksander Moś
Aleksander Moś

Graduate of Silesian University. Volunteer with long-term experience gained from various Silesian culture institutions and social events. In Katowice the City of Gardens he’s responsible for volunteering coordination, social media management within UNESCO section and
running a website.


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