ElektroClub is Back!

Techno is Back in High Society – ElektroClub Once Again in Katowice!

The International Conference Center

plac Sławika i Antalla 1, 40-166 Katowice

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Robag Wruhme [de]
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On 1 April, during the third instalment of ElektroClub, the line-up will include Saschienne, Elektro Guzzi, Legowelt, Robag Wruhme and Dtekk.

ElektroClub is a series of events held in out-of-the-ordinary locations all around Poland. There is no accident in the name which refers to the now defunct Elektro club in Katowice, as it was one of the most important Silesian locations for the fans of fresh sounds.

This year’s event will return to the modern space of the International Congress Centre. The stage of Tauron New Music Katowice Festival is also located there. Last year Elektro Club was made special thanks to the participation of the likes of Superpitcher, Efdemin, Lucy, Danny Daze and Ada. The line-up of artists invited this year seems equally fascinating.


Saschienne is an electrifying duo, affiliated with Kompakt label. The producer, Sascha Funke and the singer and pianist, Julienne Dessagne are married, but besides their wedding rings they share the love for deep sounds and love songs. Michael Mayer calls their work “new romantic techno”. Saschienne had their debut in 2012 with a well-received album “Unknown”, while their last recording is a 2015 EP called “Golden Prints”. In ICC they will perform an original live act.


Electric guitar, “live” drums and four-string bass guitar are not your idea of techno, but the Austrian trio has for 7 years been creatively breaking the stereotypes of the genre. Despite their rock instruments, Elektro Guzzi are called “the first techno band” by no mere accident. Their original vision of machine music transferred to live performances works great during concerts, as their sound is hard to discern from sets by club DJs.


Dutch Legowelt is an incredibly prolific producer and a fanatic collector of old synthesisers and rhythm machines. Since the 1990s, Danny Wolfers has been mesmerising his audience with his unique records, drawing inspiration from the legacy of Chicago and Detroit, B-class movies, sci-fi, fantasy and comic books. Psychedelic melodies and eerie sounds of his music are always complemented by the distinctive motoric groove. Legowelt performed during the Warsaw instalment of Boiler Room. In Katowice he will present a DJ set.


The last of the foreign guests of ElektroClub needs no special presentation before the Polish audience. Robag Wruhme boasts a wide following of fans between Odra and Bug and he often comes back to Poland with his incredible dance sets. We can still remember his never-ending performance crowning the 11. edition of Tauron New Music. The German DJ and producer is a veteran of the club stage, where he has been active since late 1980s. Once in a duo of Wighnomy Bros, today he focuses on his solo career, endlessly performing sets, producing new pieces and remixes.

Apart from the well-established guests, a talented newcomer, Dtekk will also take the stage. Based in Białystok, the DJ and promoter is well known for his initiatives such as Techno Soul and Salon Ambientu, but most of all as the originator of Up To Date Festival. Dtekk loves turntablism. Apart from techno, he has a feeling for electro, disco, italo and ambient.

On the 1 April we invite you for a dance feast from dusk to dawn!