Music Hub

Space Dedicated to Creating Music

Music Hub is a development incubator in the field of music, established as
a component of Katowice’s application to the UNESCO Creative Cities Network as the city of music. The inspiration for such place came from Peter Gabriel’s collaboration with artists from all over the world in his Real World Studio.

Music Hub works on similar basis as institutions outside of Poland, such as: St. David’s Centre in Adelaide (Australia), Roundhouse in London (Great Britain), Trempolino in Nantes (France) and Musikpark in Mannheim (Germany); it supports Katowice field of music on various levels: from the local artists (The Hood Sounds Good), to projects generally dealing with music (Musicgrants), trade events and workshops raising professional qualifications.

What Music Hub Offers

It is a space providing the artists with many opportunities; the participants of The Hood Sounds Good project are already using it. Ultimately, musicians can expect the Music Hub to offer: 

  • rehearsal rooms for small and larger bands,
  • storehouse for equipment, 
  • workshop space, 
  • recording studios (both intramural and mobile)


Especially dedicated location in the basement of the City of Gardens (the light blue space) enables the bands to freely explore their artistic expression.

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